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Did God really say?

Belief is everything……….

It is too costly and expensive to believe wrongly. Remember the story that Jesus gave about the servant who said the master was a hard taskmaster while other servants profited under the same master  (Matt 25:24). They had the same master but the results were different. Why? …… believe. The third servant had a picture of the master that hunted him and eventually made him so futile and unproductive.

That is where some christians are ! . They have a picture, mentality , ideology of the lord crafted into their minds by human experience, religion,  common sense, world system and the devil.  Do you know how satan deceived Eve (1 Timothy 2:14) and made her and her husband lose out on God’s goodness?  He painted the wrong picture that questioned God’s nature and goodness. The serpent said…..did God really say you should not eat of all fruits in any tree in the garden? That was pure cynism. It is like saying how mean can he be telling you not to enjoy any fruit?. God did not say that? They could enjoy all but one. This was meant to paint God as being sadistic which is exactly what religion is trying to do today. Eve fell for the picture of a ”mean” God and she and her husband reacted in disobedience or better still in faithlessness. Please know, that in the new covenant, sin is simply not believing what God said ( Romans 14:23). In order to walk in our full inheritance, we need to really understand new testament vocabulary and not just mess ourself up with our own faulty vocabulary.  The real disobedience here is simply unbelief on their path of who and what the lord revealed himself to them as.

Can we afford to believe wrongly? no? So, many christians are trying to have faith for this and for that. The starting point of faith is our picture of God, our heavenly father ( Read Hebrews 11:6). That scripture simply says, if anyone must come to God, he must believe that he is…………..  In other words, if you must relate with God at all, please just believe that he is what he says he is. If you are unable to agree to that, then there is no point in drawing near. This is where many falter. Jesus warns us to be careful what we are hearing………(Matt 4:24, Proverbs 4:23). What words are you imbibing and painting the picture of the heavenly father and how he relates to us. This can free you or paralyse you. In fact the lord  warns us that if we keep listening to others who use words to create the opposite picture of the lord to us, we might develop ineptitude and lose the stamina that it takes to walk in  our inheritance making us to lose out on the benefits of christ  (Collosians 2:18).

I have counselled and seen believers living under guilt, condemnation, satanic attack, unproductiveness and even some have died untimely (1 cor 11:30)  all because they live under the wrong picture of the father. If you think I meant God killed them , then you have a lot of learning to do through subsequent posts on this blog. Even those who claim they are ardent students of the scriptures are not dividing the word rightly  (2 Tim 2:15) being unable to distinguish between the disparity of the old and new covenants and how God relates with us today through his son Jesus christ. We would look at this in subsequent posts.

Please stay tuned……………..

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